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Basics of Rock Climbing

Fundamental skills will be covered including: Interpreting guide books, gear selection and care, scene safety, rope skills and knots, belaying, rappelling and climbing techniques.  Skill Level: Little or no climbing experience.

Intermediate Rock Skills

This course is for those with some climbing experience, i.e. gym climbing or Basics of Rock Course, who want to further their skills.  Single Pitch climbing systems will be emphasized, including lead belaying, intro. to anchors, rappelling, and refining movement on the rock.

Learning to Lead (Sport) Climb

This course is structured for those that have foundational skills and some lead experience who want to build confidence in lead climbing.  Skills covered will include; “reading” the route, racking, safe lead practices, anchor set-ups and cleaning.

Learning to Lead (Traditional) Climb

Participant will learn to select and place traditional (clean) protection for both leading and building SERENE anchors.  Each person will learn how to select an appropriate climb, rack gear, and lead (with a slack top rope backup).

Recreational Climbing Self Rescue

After completing this course you will have confidence in knowing techniques such as escaping the belay, friction hitches, Munter-Mule and Clove hitches.  We will practice by setting up systems for various self-rescue scenarios.  Sign up with your climbing partner, you will be glad to acquire rescue skills before an emergency occurs!

Families Rock!!!

(Discount for families of four or more)

Experience a great day of learning, bonding and growing in mutual understanding by climbing as a family.  The Rock Climbing Guide owner is a father of 4 and knows the value of shared family adventures in the great outdoors.   “Let’s go climbing!”